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Survivor Resources

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) 


The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) is a government agency which operates under the authority of the Cabinet Office.

The Disaster Reconstruction Authority (DRA)

Disaster Reconstruction Authority

The Disaster Reconstruction Authority spearheads the Government’s response effort in conjunction with NGOs, charities, churches, businesses, multilateral organisations and individuals. The DRA and its partners in the private sector and civil society are working to assist residents in the disaster zones of Abaco and Grand Bahama to rebuild and restore their lives.

Grand Bahama Resilience Center

Grand Bahama Resilience Center

The mission of the Grand  Bahama Resilience Center is to promote healthy adaptation and growth in the face of change, challenge and stress, through the provision of education, wellness, therapeutic services and opportunities for connection to individuals, families, and the community as a whole. What the Grand Bahama Resilience Center aspires to do is reconnect a fragmented community, restore a sense of social cohesion, and create a welcoming space to gather and collectively heal. The center is focused on helping people adapt to change and stressful events in healthy ways and offer services, if needed, promote normalization of trauma reactions, offer a holistic approach to recovery and resilience, and empower community members in identifying what types of activities could best meet their needs.

Grand Bahama Disaster Relief


The Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation was formed by the GBPA, and is duly registered as a foundation by the Registrar General of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, pursuant to Section 22 of the Foundation Act, 2004. The purpose of the foundation is to provide for relief efforts for Hurricane Dorian on Grand Bahama Island.

The Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Fund is a philanthropic fund of Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina, an IRS approved 501(c)(3) public charity headquartered in Charleston, SC, USA.  This fund welcomes contributions to support relief and recovery efforts in Grand Bahama in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. Donations are 501(c)(3) and gifts are tax deductible unde the U.S. tax code.

IDEA Abaco

IDEA Abaco

IDEA was birthed in response to the devastation of hurricane Dorian where we successfully coordinated the evacuation of over 600 people on private vessels from the Abaco mainland & cays during a 3 day period until the airports reopened. In addition to evacuations, we facilitated medical support, search & rescue transport, and supply chain logistical support for the Government of The Bahamas, NGO’s and private citizens in the impacted areas.

Abaco Rescue Fund

Abaco Rescue Fund

Inspired by the love and warmth of the Abaco Bahamians and in response to the destruction wrought by Hurricane Dorian, the Abaco Rescue Fund was established to assist the victims of Hurricane Dorian. 

Research Resources

Hurricane Dorian Recovery Efforts on Grand Bahama With Rotary

Our District decided that they wanted to do more than provide food and decided to help us rebuild the island by donating funds to the Robbin’s Fund. By September 2020, we received more than $600,000.00 from clubs in the District and worldwide, as well as personal donations by Rotarians and friends. Efforts included the introduction of local, Nassau and US-based corporate partners, repair of 600 homes, repair of 115 fishing boats made possible by the support of  Districts 6990, 6970 and 7020.  

This is Hope Town Trailer | Hope Town Rising

Focusing efforts in the one place that needs help more now than ever – Hope Town, the team at Arora Entertainment, including directors Wesley Dunham-Brown and Bobby Pura, was hired by Hope Town Rising to tell these harrowing accounts of devastation and loss.  In contrast, part of the narrative is to showcase the herculean efforts, tireless dedication and around the clock labor of these people who seek to return their home to what it once was.  Within the devastation and wreckage were stories that were shared to resonate with the audience.  One such story is that of the surf community told through the eyes of some locals and Cory Lopez who is an incredible ambassador of the sport as well as a steward to the local waterman community in the Bahamas that came from a lifetime of travel to the area since childhood.  The work here is the rebirth of Hope Town, the Abacos, and the Bahamas. Read and watch more online at  

‘96 Hours of Anguish’: Documentary Highlights Destruction, Dedication in Bahamas | WJXT Films

News4Jax reporter Vic Micolucci spent 96 hours on the ground with relief crews in the hardest-hit areas of the Bahamas. You can see firsthand the damage Hurricane Dorian left behind in the hour-long documentary, “96 Hours of Anguish,” presented by WJXT Films.

How Force Thirteen Covered Hurricane Dorian: Documentary | Force Thirteen 

Hurricane Dorian will live long in the collective memory as the storm that defied all expectations. The storm that made one of the strongest landfalls in the Atlantic basin on the first day of September 2019 – tied only with the Labor Day hurricane of 1935 with winds of 185mph at landfall. 

Category 6: A Dorian Documentary | ZNS Television Network 

The one year anniversary of the country’s most powerful recorded hurricane is quickly approaching, although it seems like just yesterday Hurricane Dorian swept through the Northern Bahamas. Our reporter Megan Shepherd and cameraman Gershon Swain witnessed this monster storm first hand on the island of Abaco. On Sunday, August 30th, our Megan Shepherd takes a look back at the events that led up to, and the destruction left behind on the island of Abaco by Hurricane Dorian. “Category 6: A Dorian Documentary” airs at 8pm on the ZNS Television Network.

Searching For Survival: Hurricane Dorian Environment Documentary

On September 1st, 2019, Hurricane Dorian made landfall in The Northern Bahamas. This climate-charged storm wreaked havoc on people and communities in Abaco and Grand Bahama. 

“Bahamas: Hurricane Hell” | Unreported World

Unreported World is in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian’s rampage through the Islands which took the lives of at least 61 people and left hundreds more missing. 

Hurricane Dorian: Impacts Below the Surface “Changing Seas” | South Florida PBS

Join South Florida PBS as they chat with experts about Hurricane Dorian’s impact on the marine environment. Hosted by Changing Seas and the ANGARI Foundation.

Bahamas: Lessons of the Hurricane | ARTE Reportage

Hurricane Dorian devastated everything in its path in early September 2019 on the two northernmost islands of the Bahamas, Abaco and Grand Bahamas. The official toll is at 65, but hundreds of people remain missing. 4,600 people are homeless.

A Gathering Storm: Hurricane Dorian | National Geographic  

A tropical cyclone builds in the mid-Atlantic. The Caribbean and Eastern Seaboard are on high alert. Then the cyclone becomes category 5 Hurricane Dorian. It’s a monster, the storm of the century. The Caribbean and USA’s Eastern Seaboard brace for impact. This is what our 1000 cameras captured when one of the most powerful hurricanes ever seen in the Atlantic plowed northwards, leaving devastation in its wake.

Surviving Hurricane Dorian | Eyewitness New Bahamas

After spending 7 days on the ground in Central Abaco; our Theo Sealy and his cameraman Shamiko Gilbert return with the story of Hurricane Dorian.

Photo Essays

UB Research

The Climate Change Adaption and Resilience Research (CCARR) Bahamas

The Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Research (CCARR) Centre at University of The Bahamas (UB) was established in 2019 in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. This unprecedented storm highlighted the significant vulnerability of The Bahamas and other small island developing states (SIDS) to the existential threats posed by climate change. The storm underscored the extreme risks facing human systems – such as communities, businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations –  to both extreme events and slow onset changes like sea level rise.

Sustainable Grand Bahama Conference

The 2nd Sustainable Grand Bahama Conference under the theme “Hurricane Dorian: Reflecting, Reimagining, Rebuilding,” was held on March 5th-7th, 2020 in Freeport, The Bahamas. The event was held at the Pelican Bay Hotel and  brought together international and local experts, public, private and civic leaders to chart the way forward.  Climate change is real and super storms are the new normal. 

Donation & Relief Resources

Ways for you to donate to relief organizations for those affected by Dorian:

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