Remembering the lost and missing.

Hurricane Dorian Memorial Gate

No loss is greater than that of human life. Hurricane Dorian claimed the lives of over 300 people. Seventy-four of them are dead. Over 200 of them are still classified as missing.

We remember the many souls lost in the wake of Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas. We may never know each and every life lost, but we do know that each of them lived. They laughed. They loved. They were loved in return. We join their surviving family and friends in collective sorrow. We, your fellow countrywomen and men, pray that God grants you peace. We speak the names of those lost and missing and we are intentional in our remembrance of the many more whose names we do not yet know.

“So long as they speak your name, you shall never die.”

Dan Brown

In Memorium

Special thanks to the Abaco Sun for its curation of those lost or missing in the Abacos.

Aaron Cooper2
Aaron Cooper
Adam Cooper
Adrian Farrington Jr.
Agno Will Daniel
Albert Alexander Bridgewater
Alishia Liolli
Aloude Etienne
Antonio Dave Outten
Astrid Stratton
Camilis Eskane
Carissa Nortilus
Clarence Marcus Jones
Claudene Byfield
Constance Schneider
DaisyMae Margaret Cartwright
Dan Thompson
Daniel Agenor
Darnita Cooper
Elysee Matinise
Emile Raphael
Gaston Henriquez
George Laing
Gerry Pierre
Hauns Russell
Henilee Mackey
Howard Charles Bevans
J’Vonaje Alejan Forde
James Ricardo Capron
Jendyia Edgecombe
Juanita Lowe
Kailan McIntosh
Kathleen Farquharson
Kayden Monphete
Kenel Joseph
La’Travalia “Tray” Alricka Williams
Lachino Antonio Dean
Lee Roy Lowe
Lorelda Woodside
Louis Boussuet
Lvitha Charles
Lynn Armstrong
Mateo Tamage Caden Bethel
McKenzie Joseph
Melik Moultrie
Michael Dawkins Sr.
Modena Hepburn
Monique Nichole Munnings
Mr. Walter
Myeisha Edgecombe
Nildies Vincent
Omarion Lawrence Munnings
Philip Livingston “Tidal” Thomas III
Philip Livingston Thomas Jr.
Ralph Kemp
Raphaela “Lavette” Munnings
Remeille Allicante Wave Thomas
Rona Rene Monphete
Rose Marie Lubin
Roswell Pinder
Shirlene “Josephine” Pinder-Cooper
Simon Desmangle
Siverlien Silien
Sybil Loretta Pinder
Tanae Ashanique Pinder
Terrell Rudolph Lightbourne
Venson Ferguson
Yvrose Beauchamp

We are here to speak your names

because of the way you made for us.

Because of the prayers you prayed for us.

We are the ones you conjured up, hoping we

      would have strength enough,

and discipline enough, and talent enough, and

      nerve enough

to step into the light when it turned in our

      direction, and just smile awhile.

We are the ones you hoped would make you


because all of our hard work

makes all of yours part of something better, truer,


Something that lights the way ahead like a lamp

      unto our feet,

as steady as the unforgettable beat of our collective


We speak your names.

We speak your names.


– Pearl Cleage, “We Speak Your Names”

Photo by Lyndah Wells © 2019