Dorian and Beyond welcomes public contributions to its blog. Submissions can be retrospective or forward looking/thinking—and can represent virtually any experience, expertise, and/or field.

Contribute to the Blog

Guidelines for submission:

  • Dorian and Beyond welcomes public contributions to its blog. Entries can be retrospective—as in what you/we experienced—or forward looking/thinking—as in what Dorian taught us and is teaching us, how we prepare for current and future threats, how we respond proactively.
  • Contributions should be approximately 500-850 words in length and can represent virtually any experience and/or field including sustainability, storytelling, education, ecology, meteorology, responsible governance, philanthropy and NGO aid, as well as physical, mental or public health.
  • Submissions should observe good grammar, and be accompanied by high-resolution photos where applicable. All submissions will be subject to editing before publishing.
  • To submit your story, email either the pitch or completed entry to

How Does God Decide?

How does God decide? Depending on the space I ask this question, I may be met with the genuine laughter of a secular audience or

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